Pyonghwa Motors Producing Trucks in the DPRK

Institute for Far East Studies (IFES)

Pyongwha Motors, the South Korean company producing automobiles in North Korea will expand into truck manufacturing from this year. According to an official from the company, the manufacturer, currently producing six models, plans to begin truck production within the year, and is working together with Hwacheon Motors and other enterprises in the Chinese city of Shenyang.

Pyongwha Motors currently manufactures three models in the ‘Bukkuki’ (Cuckoo) SUV series, a pickup truck, the mid-size sedan ‘Wuiparam II’ (Whistle II), and the minibus ‘Samchunri’ (Throughout Korea). As of yet, the company has not decided what type of truck it will produce. The company’s truck production is a result of demand in North Korea. Farms, organizations, factories and other consumers have been asking Pyongwha Motors to “produce a truck that will allow a little bit more to be loaded” onboard, and the company has been listening.

An official from the company stated, “if truck production gets underway, last year’s production of 600 to 700 vehicles will be surpassed and more than 1000 vehicles [will be produced] this year,” and went on to explain that the next step is to decide on an exact model through cooperation between North Korean and Chinese counterparts.

Pyongwha Motors, operated through an equity joint venture between South Korea’s Pyongwha Motors Group and North Korea’s Chosun People’s Leisure Group, first produced an automobile based on a model of an Italian Fiat, and in its second stage of operations, produced SUVs and pickup trucks. Today, the company is in its third stage of operations, producing minibuses, trucks, and mid-size sedans.


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