North Korean Restaurants without Electrcity

Daily NK

Even in North Korea, there are a variety of fine dining restaurants. Of these restaurants the number 1 and finest restaurant catered for Kim Jong Il is located at his private villa. Undoubtedly, the dishes placed on Kim Jong Il’s dining table are nothing less than sumptuous.

Next there is a seafood restaurant in Pyongyang and Hwanggeumbul (golden field) Restaurant which is targeted at foreigners. The Okryu-kwan in Pyongyang is also one of the restaurants reaping in foreign money.

North Korean restaurants of these standards can also be found in foreign countries such as in China, Australia, Vietnam or Cambodia.

Nonetheless, for the majority of North Korean citizens, restaurants such as these are no different to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In North Korea, entering through restaurant doors itself is a special occasion. Further, there aren’t many restaurants with formal entrances hence it is rare that common people enter restaurants.

The average North Korean eats from the restaurant visible in this footage. The restaurant looks rather empty.

Though this is a restaurant, there are only 3 tables. Nonetheless, this is a place where North Korean people can go to fill their hunger. It seems that a person ordered a bowl of noodles as the waitress delivers a large tray of food.

There aren’t many side dishes. Nevertheless, a grandfather and grandmother eat their food with gratitude.

Electricity is not available regularly in North Korea. Hence, there does not seem to be any globe as such on the ceiling to even provide light. Electricity in North Korea is yet another dire issue.

Many people boast of Pyongyang to be a glamorous and fashionable city as there are many beautiful workers and numerous catchy restaurants.

Though there are restaurants where you can have a bowl of rice soup and radishes, there is another need to address the issue that dining five times at such simple restaurants would cost a person a whole months wage.

Free North Korea Broadcasting, a broadcast operated by defectors has been broadcasting 10 part series on the lives of North Korean people. The video footage was filmed last August by an inside source in North Korea.


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