DPRK Media plays up environmental bona fides

World Environment Day Observed


Papers here Tuesday dedicate articles to the World Environment Day.

Rodong Sinmun says in a signed article that diverse activities and functions are now under way in the DPRK according to the theme for this year designated by the United Nations Environment Programme.

It goes on:

The DPRK has long paid great attention to the environmental protection helpful to promoting the people’s health, increasing the scenic beauty of cities and providing better living conditions and environment. Thanks to the correct environmental protection policy of the DPRK government, the DPRK is recognized by the world community as a country with good environment.

The issue of environmental protection is now presenting itself as a very important and urgent one worldwide. Ecological environment is being seriously contaminated in various parts of the world for various reasons.

No country can be an exception in the work to protect the environment on the earth. Good results can be expected in this work only when all countries make positive efforts, aware of the urgency and importance of the work.

The DPRK will conduct positive work for environmental protection, maintaining close touch with international organizations in the future, too.

Minju Joson in a signed article notes that global warming is the most serious worldwide problem at present, adding that the melting of ice in the polar areas is the most vivid example of it. In order to cope with the situation the DPRK is taking steps to increase and firmly protect fresh water resources, stop soil from being washed away and prevent damage by strong winds and floods.
DPRK Strives to Prevent Global Warming


The abnormal climate phenomena caused by global warming has been raised today as a hard problem in the world.

The UN Environment Programme set “Global Warming” as the theme for this year on the occasion of the World Environment Day (June 5), since it threatens the life and security of humankind.

Organized on the occasion of the day in the country were colorful events including a scientific symposium and a national seminar on reducing the emission of atmospheric green-house gases and preventing global warming, and film shows for arousing profound social interest in the issue.

Jong Hyong Il, a department director in the Ministry of Land and Environment Preservation, told KCNA that the DPRK which has been suffering from the upward temperature in recent years is conducting varied activities in accordance with the world trend for preventing such phenomena. He went on:

It deepens the scientific researches into elevation of energy efficiency and utilization of regenerated energy and directs efforts to the work for applying the results.

The construction of large and minor hydro-power stations is being pushed ahead through an all-people movement and application of wind power positively encouraged.

An effort to improve the efficiency of solar batteries is being made, too.

Meanwhile, a brisk tree-planting campaign is being launched to increase the adsorption of carbon.

The DPRK, a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol and the Montreal Protocol on Substances Destroying Ozone Layer, is doing its best to restrict and reduce the emission of atmospheric green-house gases as much as possible.

World Environment Day Marked


An event took place at Changdok School on June 5 to observe World Environment Day.

Present there were officials in the field of environmental protection and teachers, employees and students of the school.

Also present on invitation were the associate director of the “Environmental Education Media Project” whose office is located in China and environment experts of different countries.

The guests laid bouquets before the statue of President Kim Il Sung at the school and paid a tribute to him.

After going round the historic building where the President studied, they were briefed on the history of the school.

The function heard speeches on the importance of the environment protection.

The participants watched a recorded material on global warming and pictures on the theme of it before appreciating a performance given by an art group of the school.

The guests appreciated the schoolchildren’s activities of the care-for-the-homeland team.


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