Sokthang Hot-Spring


The Sokthang hot-spring in Onjong-ri, Yangdok County, South Phyongan Province is one of the famous spas in Korea.

Hot spring gushes from different places in three zones and the temperature of the water is 78 degrees centigrade.

The water contains mineral matters, hydrogen sulphide, metasilicic acid component, hydrogen carbonate ions and sodium ions.

As it regenerates skin, promotes blood circulation and heals inflammation, the water is applicable to the treatment of various diseases including chronic osteoarthritis, neuritis, neuralgia, sequelae of traumatism and operations and women’s troubles.

Nearly 50 years ago, a facility was built there for medical treatment with the hot-spring as the main, which was developed into Sokthang Hot-Spring Sanatorium, a medical institution for special treatment of skin diseases.

The sanatorium has mineral-water treatment rooms for bath, shower and rectoclysis, a physiotherapy room for high-frequency treatment and ultrasonic therapy, a functional treatment room for curative sports and massage and so on. It helps promote the people’s health.


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