32 Out of 52 BDA Account Holders Revealed

Daily NK
Nangung Min

While the transfer of BDA’s North Korea’s accounts continues to linger on, a defector once a high authority in North Korea, recently revealed the names of 32 account holders used in North Korea.

A list of 32 account holders (out of the 52 BDA North Korea accounts) were released on the internet site of “Chogaje.com” on the 26th, in which the defector claims to be well acquainted or have conducted direct transactions with while working in foreign trade in North Korea.

This list recorded financial ministries including the No. 39 Department for Kim Jong Il’s personal funds, the People’s Military Department, National Security Agency and Safety Agency.

If this list is proven to be true, at present the international trades of North Korea’s 4 key financial centers, the Party, the military, the administration and the security agency can be analyzed to be in a frozen state.

In addition to unveiling the list of account holders, the defector informed, “BDA is commonly known as ‘Delta Bank’ amongst the elites in North Korea” and certified, “The North Korean government used this bank to import luxury goods, gifts and undoubtedly nuclear armaments and weapons of mass destruction.”

Furthermore, the defector said that “22% of all North Korea’s transactions were conducted through BDA” and implicated that BDA played a vital role as Kim Jong Il’s personal funds.

The U.S. State Department recently accused BDA of engaging in counterfeit dollars and hence all U.S. transactions with BDA was terminated. Since, the U.S. suspended its transactions with BDA, any official bank has also been placed in a difficult position to transact with BDA.

For now, the Bank of China, Hong Kong’s HSBC and 27 other Macau banks are known to have suspended transacting funds with North Korea.

For the past 2 weeks, North Korea has refused money regarding the 52 accounts. Meanwhile, the U.S. and China are urging that either each of the 52 account holders send the money directly or a third party remits the whole amount and the frozen measures returns to normal. As a result, North Korea’s part in the preliminary implementations of the Feb 13 Agreement continues to be delayed also.


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