North Korea elected new premier

Korea Herald

The Supreme People’s Assembly, North Korea’s legislature, elected Transport Minister Kim Yong-il as the country’s new premier, replacing Pak Pong-ju, at its fifth plenary session held on Wednesday, Yonhap News Agency quoted a state-run North Korean news agency as reporting.

The SPA also elected Kim Yong-chun, chief of general staff of the Korean People’s Army, as the vice chairman of the National Defense Commission, a position which has been vacant since death of Yon Hyong-muk in October 2005, the Korean Central News Agency said. Kim Jong-il is the NSC chairman, and the NDC has two vice chairmen.

The 62-year-old new premier has served as the land and maritime transport minister since 1994. He visited Syria in 2005 to conclude a maritime transport agreement.

The SPA convenes once or twice a year at irregular intervals. The SPA is headed by Kim Yong-nam, the official president of the Presidium of the SPA. He also serves as the titular head of the communist state.


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