Water Quality Improver Developed


Kim Chaek University of Technology has developed a new kind of water quality improver.   The machine is made with the application of the cutting-edge science and technology such as nano technology.  The kernel of the improver is a filter bar. A bar is capable of refining 2,500 liters of water as “spring water”.

The filter bar, made with nano materials, consists of a layer for removing floating matters and microorganism, a layer for deodorizing smell, a layer for absorbing heavy metals and two physical filter layers. 

The new improver is superior to other kinds of water purifiers in various points.  It eliminates heavy metals, floating matters and microorganism harmful to the human body.  The water purified by the improver is clean and low in chemical combination. It supplements microelements to and improves the digestion function of the human body, thus effectively preventing various diseases.


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