Successes Made in Micro-operation


The hospital attached to Pyongyang University of Medicine has proved successful in the micro-operation of completely fractured arms and legs.

Researchers of the microsurgery laboratory under the Clinical Institute have developed a special suture needle, key of microsurgery, by themselves, and ultramicro-surgery technology. They are successfully stitching inner, middle and outer membranes of one-millimeter-thin blood vessels separately through the zoomed view of an operation microscope.

They have also succeeded in linking dozens of neural glands of the hair-like nerve trunk.

They have conducted thousands of micro-operations including one hundred and scores of operations for fractured limbs and skin, neural gland and living bone transplantation operations since they linked the fractured arm of a patient 15 year ago.

The researchers, basing themselves on the already-made successes, are developing cutting-edge fields of surgery from traumatic orthopedic surgery to blood vessel surgery, facial orthopedic surgery and visceral organ transplantation.


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