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Developing Background Stand Arts on New Ground


The background stand arts of the mass gymnastic display has broken a new ground in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The background stand arts made its first appearance in the mass gymnastic display “Song of Liberation” in Juche 44 (1955) by displaying a few words with boards. After then, it had made a signal development in the course of creating mass gymnastic displays including “Our Glorious Motherland,” “Holiday of August,” “Era of Workers’ Party” and “Our Brilliant Motherland.”

The mass gymnastic display “Era of Workers’ Party” showed the pictures of flying Chollima (winged horse), fish and torch in combination with words for the first time. And the mass gymnastic display “Under the Flag of Workers’ Party” spread the picture “Arduous March” on the whole of the background, thus showing the content of the work in a persuasive and visual way. They made the background large-sized, rhythmic, symbolic, three-dimensional and scientific.

In particular, the mass gymnastic display “Chollima Korea” registered a signal development in the background stand arts. It successfully reflected on the background such moving pictures as beaming national emblem of the DPRK, red flag of the Paektu forest, beacon, molten iron pouring out of blast furnace, 3,000-ton press, tractor, excavator, fish and patterns of cloth.

The greatest success made in the background stand arts was that it reflected the image of President Kim Il Sung with high graphic depiction for the first time in 1964. Now the background stand arts depict the noble images of the three generals of Mt. Paektu.

In the mass gymnastic and artistic performance “Arirang,” a “Kim Il Sung Prize” laureate, the background stand embossed the ideological and thematic content of the work and realized the intensification and concentration of the depiction, thus breaking a mysterious phase of the visual arts.

The application of laser illumination and large-sized projector adds beauty to each scene.

Even foreigners lavished praises on the ever-changing and largest background which led the audience to ecstasy.


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