Singapore bans export of luxury goods to N. Korea

Kyodo News

Singapore has banned the export of luxury items and military equipment to North Korea as of the beginning of this year in line with U.N. Security Council sanctions, Singapore Customs said Wednesday on its website.

In addition, it has also curbed the use of the city-state as a transhipment hub in Asia for such exports.

The notice said the government has banned the export of 14 luxury items to North Korea, including cigars, wines, luxury cars, perfume, plasma televisions, personal digital music players and musical instruments.

It said the export and transit of military equipment and goods and technology related to nuclear programs, ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass destruction have also been prohibited.

Traders here have been ordered to declare to the agency details of their exports to North Korea at least three working days before shipment.

The agency has warned that those who breach the rule could be slapped with hefty fines of up to S$100,000 (about $65,000) or three times the value of the goods, whichever is greater, or sent to jail for up to two years, or both.

Multiple offenders could be fined up to S$200,000 or four times the value of goods, whichever is greater, or jailed up to three years or both.

The U.N. Security Council in October imposed weapons and financial sanctions on North Korea under resolution 1718, which was adopted after the North’s claimed nuclear tests.


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