Ryongnam Ship Repair Factory Expanded


The Ryongnam Ship Repair Factory of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been reconstructed on an expansion basis. The factory successfully constructed a large dock, three wharves to repair big cargo ships, a combined repair workshop, an acetylene generating workshop, oxygen generating workshop, a heavy oil power plant, a wind and solar power station over the last four years.

The newly built Dock No. 2 can repair several ships of tens of thousands of tons simultaneously.

The repair processes are automatized and controlled by computer. There are in the dock a horizontal jib crane, gantry crane and general control room. It is divided into the main sluice, operated by computer, and the middle one.

The combined repair workshop which covers the floor space of over 17,000 square meters specializes in making ship-body pipes while repairing propellers and power system.

The acetylene generating workshop does not produce any industrial spent water.

The wind and solar power station turns out stabilized electricity for the general control room, dwelling houses and cultural welfare facilities. Its expansion on a modern basis has consolidated the material and technical foundation for developing water transport.


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