More Stock-breeding Farms Built


A lot of stock-breeding bases have been built or reconstructed on an expansion basis in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea this year,the 60th birthday of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Servicepersons constructed Duck Farm No.115 in a stony area in a little over one year. It, with a total floor space of more than 50,000 square meters, is equipped with modern facilities.

Working people of South Hamgyong Province automatized and computerized all the production processes of the Kwangpho Duck Farm and put the production structures on a scientific and technical basis, thus converting it into a poultry production base with a production capacity of thousands of tons. Korean Working people reconstructed the Pukchang Duck Farm and Kusong Chicken Farm on a modern line and completed the third stage of expansion project of the Kyenam Stock-breeding Farm with a firm resolve to build a great prosperous powerful nation.

The first stage projects for modernization of the Kanggye and Sinuiju Duck Farms were carried out successfully and a number of other stock-breeding centers reconstructed or built to meet the demand of the new century.

As a result, the stock-breeding of the country has been put on more solid material and technical level based on latest science and technology.


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