Coal Production Goes up in DPRK


Efforts are being made to ardon this year with fine labor feats at collieries throughout the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The coal production is ever growing these days thanks to the enthusiasm of coal-miners who have turned out to implement the tasks set forth in the joint editorial for this year and joint slogans.

The Sunchon Area Youth Coal Complex has given precedence to tunneling to create reserve coal cutting faces, thus opening a bright prospect for coal production.

The February 8 Jikdong and Chonsong Youth Coal Mines, which take the Lion’s share in the complex, are making use of rational cutting and transporting methods to turn out more coal than before while saving materials.

All the coal mines of the Tokchon Area Coal Complex including the Tokchon, Sochang Youth and Toksong Coal Mines are carrying on the daily tunneling assignments at over 150 percent with the application of advanced tunneling method, creating reserve coal fields.

A collective innovation is taking place at coal mines of the Onsong and Kaechon Area Coal Complexes. They have introduced into production innovative mining and blasting methods to suit the conditions of coal fields and rock quality.

The Kujang Area Coal Complex is concentrating efforts on big coal mines with good cutting conditions and big production capacity while improving transport conditions.

The workers of the Anju and Pukchang Area Coal Complexes provide thermal-power generations and other fields of the national economy with a large amount of coal with high sense of responsibility and pride of being the pilot of the national economy.


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