North Korean Cheerleading Squad in Doha Asian Game Is Consisted of Middle-Aged Workers

Daily NK
Yang Jung A

On the 12th, the Mainichi Newspaper reported that N. Korea sent a group of middle-aged men cheerleading squad to the Asian Game held in Doha, Qatar. In 2002 N. Korea sent a group of young women cheerleading squad to Busan Asian Game.

When N. Korea won the soccer game 2 to 1 over Japan held in the past 7, hundreds of the N. Korean cheerleading squad were so excited that after the game they entered into the stadium and tossed their players shoulder-high.

The cheerleading squad was construction workers who were out in Doha to make foreign currency funds. The newspaper also reported that while N. Korea has screwed most of salaries of its workers recently dispatched in Czech and Poland, it has seemed to actively export their workers to the Middle-East areas.

In the South-North soccer game held in the past 9, around one thousand of the North Korean people cheered up their players, who finally lost the game and shouted ‘take heart of grace’ following the instruction of a cheerleader.

Mr. Gong, South Korean businessman doing equipment business in Doha said that, “Two teams of North Korean workers were dispatched into one workplace. One team is consisted of two hundreds workers” and “their contract duration is 2 or 3 years and they are diligent”.

You could see the North Korean people who have stiff looks go shopping in a big supermarket in weekends.

A Pyongyang man cheering up his team in the South-North soccer game said that, “the workplaces are divided into a few areas so that I do not know how many people are in here. I am really happy to be here to meet people working at other workplaces”.

In the meanwhile, other men responded that, “I make Kimchi by myself. I have no problem for my living”. After the first half of the game, many people bought a few bottles of juice and snacks in a stand. The newspaper added, however, nobody granted an interview to reporters about their salaries.


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