Shinhwa and Baby V.O.X. in DPRK

shinhwa.JPGThe South Korean bands “Shinhwa” and “Baby V.O.X” played a show for a North Korean audience in Pyongyang.  The quizical and stern faces from the North Koreans are probably quite different to the throngs of screaming South Koreans the bands usually get at  their concerts.

But here is the truth.  The performances are beyond cheezy.  It is something that might make a twelve-year-old girl think she is actually a princess, but should not be considered “real” art by anyone with an ounce of aesthetic appreciation.  I should know because I have very little.

So the realty is that when watching this video my facial expression was pretty much the same as the North Koreans.  Looks like we have at least one thing in common.  

Here is the video on YouTube – Shinhwa

Here is another video on YouTube – Baby V.O.X


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