We have strong nuclear power, the world is trembling

From the Daily NK:
Kim Young Jin

Inside sources in North Korea revealed that North Korean authorities have recently been attempting to inform citizens through people’s units saying “Now that we are a strong nuclear power, beginning with participating nations of the 6 Party Talks, the whole world is in fear of our nuclear armaments” and that “Once the U.S. financial sanctions is removed, the 6 Party Talks will be promptly resumed.”

The meetings of people’s units comprise of thirty families, receive directives from the district people’s committee and inform it to the members of the meetings. This is a meeting for regulation and control as well as citizens education, which is the unique system for N. Korea, ever existed in the former communist bloc.

An inside source from North Hamkyung province said in an telephone conversation with a reporter on the 19th “Since last 15th 7PM, the meetings of people’s unit have been called in the districts around Hoiryeong, educating citizens on the six-party talks and to ‘abolish anti-socialist trends.’ ”

At a people’s meeting in Hoiryeong, citizens were educated on the justice of North Korea’s nuke experiment and the economic aftereffects of the nuke experiment. An organizer of the people’s meeting in Hoiryeong said “The nuclear experiment has broken all of U.S. North Korea pressure policies and we have successfully shown the whole world that our socialism is good. Now, beginning from the nations of the six-party talks, countries around the world are in fear of our nuclear armaments.”

In addition, appeals were made for citizens to be aware of the U.S. “We are prepared to join the six-party talks at any time as long as the U.S. releases the North Korea financial sanctions. If the U.S. continues to ignore our requests, ultimately we will not sit down and be attacked.”

Next, the leader of the people’s unit encouraged the people by saying “Now, our government is gathering strength to raise our economy and standard of living next year, to the point even the Americans cannot underestimate our sovereignty” and “As long as the U.S. still eagerly watches our sovereignty, we must gather our power to protect our socialism.”

Furthermore, on two occasions Sept 29th and Oct 4th, the leader of the unit announced a declaration in accordance to the “General (Kim Jong Il)’s policy” around the districts of the border to “abolish anti-socialist trends” such as aiding undercover border-crossing, smuggling, secretly listening or importing radios and circulating illegal recorded materials.

This declaration included a clause stating that any person practicing anti-socialist acts will be sentenced to severe punishment according to North Korean law. The clause outlined acts considered anti-socialist as undercover border-crossings through China, smuggling, being in possession and trade of a radio with the purpose of listening to foreign radio broadcasts and being in possession and trade of foreign movies and music CD’s.

In addition, the leader of the people’s unit and a city officer of the Party urged for people to report any acts of anti-socialism seen or heard to the security office and made all the people attending the people’s meeting sign a “written oath.”

This written oath, “Memorandum” by name, is a document signed with a persons name and date which states that the person will not partake in any anti-socialist acts and that any other person seen to be participating in anti-socialist acts will be reported immediately to the security office.

Finally, the source said that in future, the district and town authorities in Hoireyong plans to assign one official to be in charge of 10 people to work in collaboration with the people’s unit to regulate people liaising with China or in contact with foreign movies, music and broadcasting.


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