ROK reaches out to DPRK on agriculture and animation

Joong Ang Daily:
Lee Ho-jeong

Kim Moon-soo, Gyeonggi province governor, said yesterday that the provincial government is working on two projects in cooperation with North Korea.

Mr. Kim spoke at a press conference in Seoul entitled “Gyeonggi province opens the future of Korea.”

According to the Gyeonggi governor, the first project is called, “Gyeonggi-Pyongyang Rice Farming Project.” The site of the project is Danggok near Pyongyang, North Korea.

The project helps North Korean farmers advance their farming technology in crop harvesting by providing tractors and other advanced farming tools. In addition, the project provides humanitarian assistance such as health care and day care centers.

The second project is enhancing cooperation in the field of film animation.

“North Korean’s animation skills rank among the world’s best, but they lack infrastructure and technology,” Mr. Kim said. In the project, North Korean animators are teamed with South Korean animation film production companies to produce an animated film.

Mr. Kim said the cooperative effort will also contribute to improving humanitarian problems in North Korea.

The governor also said Gyeonggi province is taking steps to increase foreign investment in the region.

“My predecessor, Sohn Hak-kyu, has done a wonderful job drawing foreign investment that helps to illuminate Gyeonggi province,” Mr. Kim said.

The governor said that to draw more foreign investment, the provincial government has to strengthen incentives. For example, public servants who bring in foreign investment will receive a bonus of 200 million won ($211,860). And if a foreign private business is brought in, the bonus is 300 million won.

In addition, Mr. Kim said the Gyeonggi government will reduce the regulations and simplify rules.

The governor has appointed a Samsung Electronics official as the provincial government’s counselor on foreign investment and established a private counseling committee consisting of 20 private entrepreneurs.

The governor also stressed that the free trade agreement now being negotiated between Korea and the United States will be a huge help for foreign investment.


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