China-DPRK open trade zone

From NK Zone:

Few details are available, but the zone will be in the Namyang Workers’ Zone in Unseong county, Hamgyeong Bukdo province in the extreme north of North Korea, opposite the Chinese city of Tumen

The report notes that there are roads and railways crossing the border and the area is a transit point for Chinese, Korean and Japanese goods and that citizens of third countries have access.

The agreement was signed at the Chinese embassy in Pyongyang between the head of the foreign affairs department of Hamgyeong Bukdo, Kim Cheol-geun, and the Chinese consul-general, Sun Xianyu

The report does not say if the agreement has NK central government approval, which is apparently a sticking point in the much bigger deal under which the Chinese city of Hunchun will lease the NK port of Rajin.


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