ROK caves on Kaesong in FTA talks

From Joong Ang Daily:

A high-level Korean government official yesterday suggested that the Kaesong Industrial Complex issue be dealt with seperately from the free trade talks with the United States.

“It would be appropriate to discuss the matter on whether products manufactured from Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea should be recognized as South Korean in origin in a separate discussion from the free trade negotiation between South Korea and the United States,” said Chin Dong-soo, deputy finance and economy minister.

Mr. Chin said that even though Korea has persistently brought up the issue during the second round of talks, which took place earlier this month in Seoul, there has been no detailed discussion between the two parties.

“If we continue to push the matter while there is no response from the U.S. party, other issues that are being discussed at the free trade talks will likely be jeopardized,” Mr. Chin said.


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