Korea Business Consultants

Their web page is here, but it looks like they have not updated it in a while.

According to their website,

[KBC is]  among the first to identify the opportunities that North Korea could offer to enterprising companies. As a result, KBC clients benefit from our considerable experience and well-established contacts with this hard-working and largely industrial nation which finds itself on the threshold of fuller integration with the world economy. We believe the significant economic changes that have started to unfold will create major business opportunities for foreign companies with the right strategy.

In the DPRK market, we work with (and for) our customers to secure business and investment opportunities, manage relations, provide effective business solutions and oversee the process of entering the North Korean market.

Specifically, they offer a newsletter.  The sample issue they have displayed is quite old, so I am not sure if it is still published.

They also promote business delegations (with golf) and trade exhibitions, such as the Pyongyang International Trade Fair (PITF),  and the International Technology and Infrastructure Exhibition in Pyongyang

And on the implementation side, Korea Business Consultants offers a full range of financial, legal and transportation services, including:

  • Project finance, legal advice and analysis of tax and investment laws of the DPRK.
    Investment seminars to attract inward investment: planned for 2002 – with DPRK support and involvement.
  • Participation in DPRK’s expanding and regular Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.
    Trading partners to facilitate the trade of commodities/metals and a full range of other DPRK goods.
  • Network of partners in London, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Switzerland, Seattle and Toronto.

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