Kaesong products to be marked

Joong Ang Daily

By the end of the year, products made in North Korea’s Kaesong Industrial Complex, as well as visitors’ passes, will be tagged with special radio chips to speed up customs procedures, the Information Ministry said yesterday.

The Kaesong complex is one of four government projects that will use the radio frequency identification chips.

According to the Information Ministry, embedding the chips on Kaesong-made products with details about the products will shorten the time it takes to get through customs from three hours to 30 minutes.

The government also plans to tag arms and ammunition and install the chips at port facilities to improve logistics and track waste management, such as the safer disposal of medical waste.

The chips ― which contain information about the product to which they are attached as well as its location ― are picked up by radio frequency signals from a control station equipped with a transceiver.

“These projects are the first steps toward the widespread use of these chips in Korea,” an Information Ministry official said.


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