Fruit Farms in Korea Take on Fresh Looks


Fruit farms across the country are taking on fresh looks through a dynamic drive to cultivate new specimen of fruit trees. Scientific research institutes in the field of agriculture and different nurseries produced 1.5 million saplings of new species of apple trees last year alone by making vigorous endeavors to acclimatize high-yielding fruit species to the climatic and soil conditions of Korea for five years.

Fruit farms in Hwangju, North Hwanghae Province, Onchon, South Phyongan Province, and other parts of the country significantly increased the area of fields under short apple trees which bear fruits faster than other species, bringing the area of fields under apple trees of new species to hundreds of hectares.

Pear trees of new species on Pyongyang, Myonggan and other fruit farms have produced sweet and delicious fruits over the last two years.

The cultivation of peach trees of new species has also proved successful in orchards in different parts of the country. For example, a peach weighed 350-400g last year.

The area of fields under grape of new species is on the yearly increase in various fruit farms including the Sariwon fruit farm in North Hwanghae Province that has turned into a farm specializing in the grape cultivation.

Meanwhile, persimmon-apricot trees are widely distributed in the areas south of Pyongyang and fruit farms in Unpha, Pongsan and other areas prove successful in cultivating jujube trees fruits of which are incomparably rich in vitamin and sugar content and more fragrant than native species of jujube.


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