China makes a claim on Mt. Pektu

It will be interesting to see if the DPRK takes this laying down.  After all, this sacred mountain is the birthplace of the Dear Leader.

From the Donga:

The Japanese daily Mainichi Shimbun reported on May 9 that a private airport will be completed by the end of next year in Baisan, Jilin Province, the area with access to Mt. Baekdu (Chang Bai Shan in Chinese) located between China and North Korea.

As a result, competition will become intense between China and the two Koreas to attract tourists to the mountain and boost the image of the mountain as their own territory.

China seeks to take the upper hand in the development of Mt. Baekdu tourism by constructing the airport. South Korea, for its part, is rushig to kick off Mt. Baekdu tours via North Korea.

There is a growing concern in South Korea that Mt. Baekdu, a symbol of Koreans, might be registered as cultural heritage of China because China wants to put Mt. Baekdu on the list of World Heritage sites before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


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