Kim Jong Il Gives On-site Guidance to Newly Built Pig Farm


Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, gave on-the-spot guidance to pig farm No. 110 newly built by KPA servicepersons. After being briefed on the farm before a huge painting showing its panoramic view, he looked round the exterior and interior of the farm to learn in detail how it was built and is being operated. He highly appreciated the merits performed by the soldier-builders, greatly satisfied with the successful construction of the farm.

He went round pig sties, assorted feed and processing factories and various other places of the farm to acquaint himself in detail with its technical equipment and breeding.

He set forth important tasks which would serve as guidelines in managing and operating the farm and increasing the pork production, pleased to learn that the employees of the farm are mass-producing pork and quality processed products by establishing a scientific production system.

In order to increase the production of pork on the farm, it is necessary to put the breeding on a scientific basis and make sustained efforts to raise the level of technical skill of the producers and, at the same time, to energetically push forward the work to introduce advanced technology, he said.

Noting that a scientific breeding system has been established at the chicken and pig farms that have mushroomed in recent years is now paying off profusely, he added that this reality eloquently proves that it is possible to bring about a change in the stock-breeding, too, in a brief span of time if full play is given to the people’s revolutionary spirit and creative ingenuity on the basis of the advantages of the Korean-style socialist system.

A solid material and technical foundation has been laid in the country to make a leap forward in the production of pork including the establishment of the system for breeding superior pedigree stock, he noted, underscoring the need to raise pigs in a big way by taking advantage of these favorable conditions.

He called on all fields and units to wage a dynamic popular movement to further develop the stock-breeding so as to provide the people with a more affluent and highly civilized life.

He was accompanied by KPA Generals Ri Myong Su, Hyon Chol Hae and Pak Jae Gyong.


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