DPRK/ROK graphite mine opens

Korea Times

South Korea’s state-run resources development corporation on Thursday announced the opening of a joint graphite mine in North Korea.

The 50-50 joint venture between the Korea Resources Corp.(KORES) and a North Korean firm can produce 3,000 tons of graphite per year.

Of that, South Korea will import 1,830 tons every year for the next 15 years. This amount is equivalent to 20 percent of the South’s domestic demand.

The corporation has invested $10.2 million into the mine in Chongchon, South Hwanghae Province. It is estimated to hold 6.25 million tons of graphite.

Graphite from the mine can be used in batteries, brake-lining for cars and flame-proof or heat-resistant materials. The first batch of graphite is to arrive in South Korea in the second half of the year.

The joint development pact was signed in March 2003 with a formal deal signed four months later. South Korea transferred mining materials and other equipment to the mine in early 2004 and development got underway shortly afterwards.



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