Raijin back in the news

This story from the Daily NK has an update on whats happening at Raijin as well as a history of the area:

Read whole story here:

In December 1991, Rajin and Seunbong cities were declared “Free Trade Economic Regions”, Rajin Port was planned to be expanded according to a 3-stage development scheme. The first stage consisted of infrastructure construction such as railroads, roads, and ports.  In the ten years since, the budgetary outlays have been insufficient.

In 1996, the Committee for Promoting NK Foreign Economic Cooperation published a report, “Reality and Outlook for Rajin- Sunbong Free Trade Economic Regions.” According to the report, the Rajin Port should first build capacity for large-sized containers.  In stage two, its loading-handling capacity should be improved from 300 million tons to 1,700 million tons.  The third stage, beginning in 2010, the port should have the capacity to manage 100 million tons.


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