Not Guilty! So will they get their heroin back?

One of the constant accusations leveled at the DPRK is that they are manufacturing and distributing illegal drugs.  Of course, it does not help that their ships keep getting busted at sea.  But the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has the latest news…

A Supreme Court jury has acquitted four North Korean men of being involved in the importation of Victoria’s largest heroin haul.

In April 2003, 125 kilograms of pure heroin was smuggled into southern Victoria, off the coast of Lorne, from the North Korean freighter Pong Su.

The Pong Su was seized by special forces and police north of Sydney after a four day chase.

Today the ship’s master, chief mate, chief engineer and political secretary were found not guilty of aiding and abetting the importation of the $168 million worth of heroin.



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