Private hotels and travel permits for sale?

By Kwon Jeong Hyun, Dandong of China
From the Daily NK:

An anonymous Chinese who resides in Pakchun-gun or North Pyongan province said, “state still maintains the hotel business, but there is an increase private hotels with best facilities. The hotels are mainly for the Chinese customers and the cost is about 5000Won($2.5) a night.”

“The state run hotels does not have good heating systems and lacking management, customers rarely go there. There is also an increase of house lodging business,” he said and further described how those who do private house lodging business come out at night to call customers into their houses. The cost of lodging is 100Won($0.05) a night.

Travel Permits: They used to be free, but limited.  Now for sale.
1.  Pyongyang travel permit seems fixed at 10,000W ($5)
2.  Province to Province travel varies based on destination: Jagang Province 7,000W($3.5), Chongjin 8,000W, and Pyongsung 6,000W
3.  within a province, price is less.



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