Korea Trade Bank in Dandong

According to the Chosun Ilbo (2002-11-21):

It has been learned that North Korea recently opened a branch office of the (North) Korea Trade Bank in Dandong, China across the border from Sinuiju, a step tied with the designation of Sinuiju as a special administrative region. The only bank in the North specialized in foreign currency and responsible for exchange rates, the Korea Trade Bank opened its Dandong branch in October under the a judgment that promotion of economic cooperation with Dandong is a prerequisite to success for the Sinuiju capitalism experiment, said South Korean government officials.

The officials saw the step as indicating Pyongyang’s will to develop the Sinuiju SAR despite the detention of Yang Bin, the first administrative officer of the SAR. The Korea Trade Bank is empowered to conclude agreements with foreign financial institutions under accords reached between governments involved. The bank’s recent opening of its branch office in Dandong, accordingly, indicates that China, which originally opposed to the Sinuiju SAR, is in favor of it now.

The Korea Trade Bank’s Dandong branch is expected to handle not only inducement of foreign investments into the Sinuiju SAR, but also North Korean corporations’ exports to China via Dandong, observed the officials.

The article used as a source for this post has since been removed from the Choson Ilbo web page.


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