Hungnam Industrial Development Zone to be built in DPRK

According to KCNA:

The Hungnam Industrial Development Zone will be built in Hamhung City, South Hamgyong Province of the DPRK.

The zone is to be engaged mainly in bonded processing, machine and equipment making and production of chemical goods, building-materials and medicines, according to an official concerned.

It is now drawing attention of foreign governments and investors for its favorable geographical conditions and economic foundations.

In around the area there are harbor and railway station, several power plants and the Songchon River as well as various industrial establishments, including Ryongsong Machine Complex, February 8 Vinalon Complex and Hamhung Wood Processing Factory.

The area is also favorable for tourism as it has Majon bathing beach and Majon Hotel.

A development area for the first stage is 2 square kilometers and the DPRK government plans to encourage various forms of development projects including joint venture between the country’s relevant enterprises and foreign investors.


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