Export processing zone to be set up in Songnim

According to the Pyongyang Times:

An export processing zone covering part of Songnim City will be established in North Hwanghae Province.

The area has natural and geographical conditions favourable to export processing as it is situated on the shore of the lower reaches of the Taedong River. Its west faces Taean District of Nampho with the river in between and its north adjoins Kangnam County of Pyongyang.

Songnim Port is located on the banks of the river 7.5 kilometres away from the development zone.

The zone is about 40.8 kilometres from Nampho Port, 6 kilometres from Pyongyang-Kaesong Motorway and 7.5 kilometres from Songnim Railway Station.

It is about 35 kilometres by train and nearly 41 kilometres by car from Sariwon, capital of North Hwanghae Province, and 43 kilometres by car from Pyongyang.

Mobile communications are possible as optical fibre cables are available in Songnim.

The zone lies on the hilly area on the shore of the lower reaches of the river and most of the area is flat farm fields, which saves labour in rezoning.

The province plans to build it to be an intensive export processing zone that concentrates on export processing, warehousing and freight transport.

In the zone there will be built processing bases depending on the raw materials from Songnim and Nampho ports and other bases specializing in second- and third-stage processing with products and materials from within and without.

Under a long-term plan it will increase its processing ability by commissioning industrial establishments in Songnim and Sariwon to do bonded processing.

The estimated area of the zone is 2 square kilometres.

In the zone, too, foreign investors will be offered a variety of preferences.


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