DPRK – PRC trade up 6.2% in Jan – Oct 2013

According to Yonhap:

Trade between North Korea and its major trading partner China rose 6.2 percent on year in the first 10 months of this year to total US$4.72 billion, data showed Wednesday, despite international sanctions against Pyongyang over its defiant nuclear and missile tests.

The rise suggested that North Korea is becoming increasingly reliant on China, although Beijing is not supportive of Pyongyang’s nuclear ambition.

In the 10-month period, North Korea’s exports to China jumped 12.3 percent on year to account for $2.36 billion, according to data by the China Customs Information Center. The North’s imports gained 1.8 percent to $2.36 billion.

Remarkably this data shows a perfect balance of trade between the DPRK and China (exports=imports). This is a reversal from earlier in the year when it was reported that DPRK – PRC trade volumes had fallen from the previous year. See previous posts on DPRK trade statistics here.

Read the full story here:
Trade between N. Korea, China rise 6.2 pct in Jan-Oct despite sanctions


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