China keeps fishing boats out of North Korean waters

According to Bloomberg:

China banned its fishing fleet from working in waters off North Korea’s east coast after the totalitarian regime demanded Chinese vessels buy fuel from North Korean suppliers.

The North decreed late last month that Chinese ships, which previously made their own fueling arrangements, had to abide by the rule, China’s Agriculture Ministry said in a June 28 announcement that was posted to its website today.

“Fishing boat owners and and businesses believe that the North Korean decision will have a serious effect on production and operations and job security, causing huge potential risks,” the ministry said.

The statement reflected Chinese concerns after North Korea seized a Chinese fishing boat and its crew on May 5 and demanded a 600,000 yuan ($97,800) ransom. The ship and crew were freed later in May after Chinese diplomats negotiated their release, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

Here is coverage in The Guardian.

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China Bans Its Fishing Fleet From Waters Off Eastern North Korea


One Response to “China keeps fishing boats out of North Korean waters”

  1. Jacob Wadsworth says:

    It will surely affect production and job security for China, I doubt if the North Koreans will regret it. It is the lost of China. It sounds like North Korea has no problems at all by these agreements for they had decided it so easily.