A random Monday post

I must have offended Dennis Rodman.  When he arrived in Pyongyang, he tweeted coverage in NKeconWatch:


I have outlined the tweet above in yellow.  If you check the URL (ow.ly/i4Vxi), it still links to this post.

Despite my relative popularity with a nerdy and obscure corner of the blog-o-sphere, however, within a day or two the tweet was deleted and replaced:


I have no idea what I did to offend Mr. Rodman, but I find it interesting that he wants to distance himself from me.  I don’t even have any piercings (they are terribly impractical for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).


Comrade Kim Goes Flying will make its US debut this week (March 8 and 9) at the Miami Film Festival.

Learn more here.

Also, for those people who think they have been everywhere….Koryo Tours has launched a new tour to TOFALARIA in Siberia!  Check out the information here.


3 Responses to “A random Monday post”

  1. lastmarx says:

    Kim Goes Flying was screened at the Portland International Film Festival last month, so Miami is NOT its US debut.

  2. nannasin smith says:

     it still links to this post .