KCNA gets another makeover

UPDATE 1 (2012-10-1):   Martyn Williams reports that the Chinese funded the renovation of KCNA’s equipment and appearance.

ORIGINAL POST (2012-9-9): This weekend KCTV updated their news format to give it a more modern appearance. See the videos bleow.

In recent years, the appearance of the the DPRK evening news has changed several times (following decades of the same unchanging format). See here and here to learn more about past changes at KCTV.

Martyn Williams provides additional details at North Korea Tech. See here and here.


2 Responses to “KCNA gets another makeover”

  1. MM says:

    Notice how the background globe in the first video never rotates so far as show America.  At about 0:53 northern Africa fades back to a gleaming North Korea.