Friday Fun: Kim Jong-il’s suit

Kim Jong-il’s signature jumper has gone on display for adoration by the masses.

Kim Jong-il’s signature pot belly seems to have vanished down the memory hole, however.

During the Kim Jong-il era it was not uncommon to see ordinary North Koreans wearing the Kim Jong-il jumper. It will be interesting to see if its use diminishes in the Kim Jong-un era.

If you visit the DPRK and want to obtain one of these fine garments before they go out of style, the tailor at Yangakdo Hotel will be happy to make one of these for you!


3 Responses to “Friday Fun: Kim Jong-il’s suit”

  1. Grazie says:

    woah, there’s a tailor at the Yangkakdo hotel? I went last year and I didn’t see that, bowling, pool, ping pong sure but no tailor. i’m going again for october, where is it? the basement level?

    • ines_de_castro says:

      You have to up some stairs that say employees only, the entrance is walking from the front desk area towards the souvenir store in the back by the casino. 

  2. Dzeglen says:

    Where is this suit on display?