On DPRK land reclamation

According to Rodong Sinmun (DPRK):

Korean map changed in the Songun Era led by leader Kim Jong Il.

The land of socialist Korea was widened by land realignment and tideland reclamation.

Several large-scale nature-driven waterways were completed and many artificial lakes formed, thereby changing the mountains and rivers more beautifully.

According to data available, over the past 10 years more than 14 000 hectares of tideland were reclaimed with a result that the coastline of the country was remarkably shortened and many islands turned into land.

Since 1998 over 280 000 hectares of farmland have been realigned, thereby forming large areas of new land.

The completion of nature-driven waterways of over 10 000 kms across the country formed lots of artificial lakes.

Over the past 10 years large areas of new land were obtained by the successful completion of Taegyedo, Kwaksan, Kumsong and Punjiman tideland reclamation projects.

At present, lots of reclaimed tideland turned into farmland to contribute to grain production.

Large and small nature-driven waterways are supplying water for irrigating hundreds of thousand hectares of farmlands without electricity.

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Rodong Sinmun (DPRK)
Pak Ok Gyong


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