Korea Pyongyang Haedanghwa Foodstuff Company


Pictured above: (L) The location of the new Haedonghwa Center under construction in Pyongyang (Google Earth), and (R) a representation of the building’s exterior

The Korea Pyongyang Haedanghwa Foodstuff Company (조선평양해당화식품회사는)  has launched a new web page  on the Naenara portal providing content in English, Korean, and Chinese.

This new web site hosts pages of information not just on the company, its subsidiaries, its employees, and its products, but also on Korean food, culture and health. Among the more interesting claims made on the page:

Our service workers come from normal families, and they are not ones grown in the special environment or conditions.

The web page also provides addresses and maps of the subsidiary restaurants and factories in China and the DPRK.

Using information from the web page I was able to locate the position of the Haedanghwa Center (pictured at the top of this post).  It is obviously still under construction.  The lot on which the center is being built has been empty for the last dozen years and lies directly across the Taedong River from the new construction on Mansudae Street.


4 Responses to “Korea Pyongyang Haedanghwa Foodstuff Company”

  1. Barry says:

    Please tell me the dogmeat dishes aren’t made from dog.


  2. Simon says:

    I’ve been to Haedanghwa in Beijing a bunch of times, the dog meat dishes are indeed made from dog. Its one of the national dishes after all – its not a favourite of mine but its popular among the South Korean tour groups who go there

  3. Mr. Brown says:

    So, Haedanghwa is a restaurant that operates “chains” in China? Do they make packaged food as well?