Friday Fun: Kim Jong-il’s Train

The North Koreans produced a two-part documentary on Kim Jong-il’s recent visit to China which was aired on North Korean television.  In part one of the documentary, we can see some video images of the office aboard Kim Jong-il’s train.  His large wooden desk, which he does not seem to use for friendly/informal meetings, is at the head of the room with comfortable leather chairs along the sides.  There is a door on the back wall which provides access to another room on the train cart — I assume a private office or other personal area.  The floors appear to be made of polished wood.  On the desk, there is a framed photo and maybe an couple of ashtrays?  Most noticeably there is a large flat-screen television mounted on the wall above Kim’s desk.

Part I of the documentary was too long for me up upload to Youtube, but the segment aboard the train is here.

Part II of the documentary is here.

Below is a decent image of what many believe is Kim Jong-il’s train parked outside the Kim family compound in Ryongsong-guyok, Pyongyang (룡성구역, 39.110716°, 125.788507°, Google Maps)


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