Another one bites the dust

UPDATE (3/17/2011): According to the Choson Ilbo:

A South Korean security official said, “Kim Jong-il had full confidence in Ju, as you can see from Ju’s recent meeting with his Chinese counterpart Meng Jianzhu in Pyongyang. It remains to be seen whether he’s also been dismissed from the NDC and the Politburo.”

The sacking could be either a sign of a generational shift related to the succession of power to Kim’s son and heir Jong-un or the result of an internal power struggle, a North Korean source speculated.

Another source said Ju may have taken the fall for recent isolated instances of public unrest.

ORIGINAL POST (3/16/2011): According to KCNA:

Ju Sang Song, minister of Peopleā€²s Security of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, was dismissed from his post due to illness.

The NDC of the DPRK released a decision on it on Wednesday.

Michael Madden has a biography of General Ju here.

Joseph Bermudez recently wrote an article for 38 North on the DPRK’s intelligence and security reorganization.


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