ROK church to light Christmas tree for DPRK near Kaesong

UPDATE: The “tree” was lit December 21.

ORIGINAL POST: South Korea plans to construct a “Christmas tree” on a hilltop tower across the river from Jogang-ri, in Kaesong (37.752445°, 126.593120°).

According to Bloomberg:

South Korea will allow a local church to turn a 30 meter (100 foot) tower at its border with North Korea into a brightly lit Christmas tree as part of “psychological warfare” between the two countries, the JoongAng Ilbo reported.

The tower hasn’t been lit up since 2004, according to the Korean-language newspaper report. North Korea, which suffers from energy shortages and relies on outside handouts to feed its 24 million people, had demanded the tower be demolished, JoongAng said.

Here is a link to the original story in the Joong Ang Ilbo (Korean).

Read the full Bloomberg story here:
South Korean Christmas Tree to Provoke North, JoongAng Says
Bomi Lim


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