Pyongyang trade fair begins today

The Pyongyang International Trade fair is held twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall.  The Fall 2010 fair begins today.  It is always held at the Three Revolutions Museum in Northern Pyongyang (satellite image here).

According to KCNA:

International Trade Fair to Be Held in Pyongyang 
Pyongyang, October 12 (KCNA) — The 6th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair will be held at the Three-revolution Exhibition from October 18 to 21.

The fair will draw some 140 companies of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and other countries, exhibiting more than 57,000 pieces of 2,300 kinds with electrical machinery, steel goods, electronics products, foodstuffs, daily necessities, medicines, building materials, chemical goods and rolling stocks included.

Commercial consultation and activities for exchange and economic cooperation will also be held during the fair.

According to Ryu Jong On, a section chief of the Korean International Exhibition Corporation, businesses of China, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Syria, Germany, Brazil and other ten countries have already entered their names for the fair.


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