And we are back….

This site went down over the weekend but we are back up and running.  I will begin posting new articles later this week.

I owe a tremendous amount of thanks to the host of who updated all my blog software and made some great improvements.  If you have not visited, head on over and check the site out. It offers a useful daily email update which has been very helpful in keeping up with the avalanche of North Korea-focused news stories in the past couple of months.

Have a good week.


7 Responses to “And we are back….”

  1. Good your back!,

    A couple of weeks ago there was a post about CNC,
    I found clip on youtube where normal people from north korea sing this song in a park. And it looks like they are singing it for the tourist

    Maybe its usefull for you Here is the link:


  2. Simon says:

    That’s from April this year at Ryonggaksan just outside Pyongyang, the thing I find interesting about it that the song was only 3-4 months old at that time (or at least was released – ‘in all good record shops’ of course 3-4 months earlier), but yet everyone from the little children up to the retired people knew all the words, not sure if I can think of another newly released song aywhere that everyone learns – obviously it isnt just becuase they like the song or anything like that as it was pretty ubiquitous at that time, just thought it was notable, it isnt as if you get 5 year olds in the UK singing along to Vera Lynn songs, or the elderly throwing some shapes to the latest from Basshunter after all

  3. Thanks Simon for the extra info.

    Maybe this is a bit too much but I just found another item where CNC is presented as the way towards a new North Korea in 2012.
    It’s in a news broadcast from KCTV, the subject is the new Arirang mass games. At 1:25 there is a display of the word CNC at the Mass games, this shows that CNC is really big in North Korea and is one of there propaganda tools to show there so called prosperity/intelligence to the people.

    The link is:

  4. Fred says:

    I know you have had numerous hacking attempts from overseas – any signs this was an attack?

  5. NKeconWatch says:

    No it is all pretty mundane…

  6. a listener says:

    “No it is all pretty mundane…”

    Apparently so was my comment greeting your return, because it got deleted :(.

  7. NKeconWatch says:

    Dont worry…This weekend I will move the CNC discussion above to my CNC page and delete this enitre post comments and all. Nothing personal.

    I have about 50 posts waiting to go up. Will be a marathon session.