South Korea imposes export restrictions on DPRK

According to Yonhap:

Seoul will stiffen control of South Korean goods going into North Korea, mostly banning luxury items such as wine and fur, the Unification Ministry said Thursday.

The restrictions, to take effect as of Friday, are in accordance with U.N. Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 1874 adopted after North Korea’s second nuclear test on May 25. The resolution prohibits weapons trade with Pyongyang and calls on member states to tighten the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang after its first nuclear test in October 2006. The earlier UNSC resolution bars exports of luxury goods to the North.

The ministry said it will require prior authorization for South Koreans carrying in items from 13 categories including liquor, cosmetics, jewelry, fur products and automobiles.

The government will allow exceptions for South Korean government and business officials who carry in the listed items during travel between the two Koreas on official duty or for personal use during their stay in the North, ministry officials said.

“The government’s approval will depend upon whether it believes the goods will be used by South Koreans or given to North Koreans,” an official said.

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Seoul to enforce new restrictions on goods going into N. Korea
Tony Chang


One Response to “South Korea imposes export restrictions on DPRK”

  1. Kevin says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but 1874 isn’t the first resolution banning luxury items. Does this mean that the South was ignoring prior resolutions (while pressuring China to enforce them)?

    It’s good to see that the ‘personal items’ used to bribe NK officials during meetings will still be allowed. I fully trust that the North won’t catch that loophole and demand more whiskey and cash during 2차..