Friday Fun: “Do not overtake (pass)”

A valued reader points out this gem by Kernbeisser:


The above road sign is supposed to remind drivers not to overtake those ahead of them.  A powerful lesson the leadership would prefer to instill in all officials–not just those with cars.

You can see this rabbit yourself if you visit this summer! How about that for an incentive?

Here are more great photos by fellow traveler Nayan Sthankiya including one featuring yours truly.


5 Responses to “Friday Fun: “Do not overtake (pass)””

  1. Would anyone care to sex the NK traffic bunny? My fiancee noted that it appears to have breasts.

  2. NKeconWatch says:

    I’d have to agree. The turtle is a bit more challenging.

  3. Mike Madden says:

    The the tortoise and the hare? But why is does bunny appear to be on a crested wave on the turtle’s back? Surely there is a similar bunny/turtle installation at the offices of the OGD. Maybe also at NDC.

  4. Simon says:

    its from a story in Korea about a turtle told by the sea-God that he should eat a rabbit’s liver so he took the rabbit down under the sea. The rabbit tricked Poseidon though by telling him he had left his liver at home that day so the turtle took the rabbit back up on land where he escaped. Not sure what the message there is or what it has to do with the rules of the road but that’s why you see many similar signs in North Korea – wow I’m sad for knowing that!

  5. Henry says:

    Quite a contrast between the pictures of North Korea and those of South Korea on the same site by Kyoung-jin Yoon.