North Korea Releases New Paintings Of Healthy Kim Jong Il

The Onion made me laugh with this one…


 Quoting from the article: 

“As anyone can see from these new murals, our Dear Leader is the very picture of health,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lee Myong Choi said of the 30-foot-high paintings, the artful brushstrokes of which showed the North Korean ruler confidently reading the current day’s newspaper. “Note his radiant, youthful complexion, the sheen of his jet-black hair, the glorious starburst which appears to radiate from the very center of his being. Our supreme commander will undoubtedly be with us for many centuries to come.” Lee later added that Kim was in such robust health that he was able to complete all of the new self-portraits in under an hour.

The “picture” above was taken at the Yonggwang Metro Stop near Pyongyang’s Central Train Station.  Original paintings at this location can be seen here and here. (h/t Omar)


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