Korea Business Consultants Bulletin: June 2008

Korea Business Consultants publishes a monthly newsletter.  The June issue has languished in my “inbox,” but I have finally gotten around to posting the PDF.

The articles are on the following subjects:

Bush Responds to DPRK Nuclear Gesture
China Urges ROK to Loosen US Military Ties
“NK Orchestra May Play in US”
Foreign Funds Boosting NK Schools
Russia Donates Flour to DPRK
China Surges Ahead of ROK in DPRK Trade, Aid
DPRK Wants Japanese Funds for Gas Plant
DPRK, ROK, Russia to Build Power Project
“Lack of Fertilizer NK Farmers’ Biggest Headache”
N, S Educators Meet
Low–Key Celebrations of June 15 Summit
ROK Eyeing DPRK Iron Ore
ROK Offers Corn Aid to DPRK
“N-S Trade Surging”
“Solar Energy Park for DMZ”
China’s VP Xi Jinping Visits DPRK
NK Women Defend Boxing Titles
NK Bans Tobacco Ads
Golf Course Opens at Mt Kumgang
Striker Jong Dubbed “NK Wayne Rooney”
NK Women Win Asian Soccer Cup
Kumsusan Memorial Palace


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