North Koreans are people too.

The Daily NK reports that demand for South Korean pornography among Northerners is on the increase:

The demand for X-rated movies among North Korea’s high cadres is so great that a single VCD sells for 50 US dollars.

The latest publication of Good Friends, a North Korea-related aid organization, tells the story of Mr. Park, a resident of Hyesan, Yangkang Province. Mr. Park was arrested for making copies of South Korean adult movies–called “colored movies” in North Korea–and selling them in Pyongyang. Despite the high price per VCD, the publication notes that supplies are getting tight.

“Mr. Park bought the CDs near the North Korean- Chinese border from China. Then he would make his friend in Pyonsung, South Pyongan Province copy them and to sell them to traders in Pyongyang,” reported the publication.

The fact that there is a demand for pornography in the DPRK is not surprising (I have met several North Koreans who have seen it more than once) but the price reported in the story seems unusually high. 

Read the full story here:
Pyongyang Cadres Want South Korean Adult Movies
Daily NK
Park In Ho


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