Anniversary of Chondoism Observed


The “Heaven Day Ceremony” was held in Pyongyang Thursday to commemorate the 147th anniversary of the foundation of Chondoism.

Present there were Chairwoman Ryu Mi Yong, Advisor O Ik Je and officials of the Korean Chondoist Church Central Guidance Committee and Chondoists in Pyongyang.

Vice-chairman of the committee said in his speech at the ceremony that Chondoism, the indigenous religion of the Korean nation, enunciated such patriotic ideas as “Broad salvation of the people,” “Paradise,” “Rejection of West and Japan” and “Promotion of the National Interests and Welfare of the People” after its foundation and has since worked hard to materialize them for the past nearly one and half centuries.

It is the long-standing desire and tradition of Chondoism, he added.

Noting that it is important to glorify the June 15 era of reunification by attaching importance to the nation, defending peace and achieving unity in order to accomplish the historic cause of national reunification, the cause of national historical significance, he said to do so is the only way of realizing the desire of Chondoism and means genuine patriotism.

The participants prayed for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from south Korea and the earliest possible achievement of national reunification so that the desire of Chondoism can come true.


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