Mass Games and Americans in Pyongyang this spring

Koryo Tours
March 2, 2007

North Korea has finally confirmed that the Arirang Mass games will be hosted in Pyongyang during the period of April 15th – May 15th this year, we also expect the event to be repeated from August to October but this is not definite yet.

It has also been announced that US citizens will be accepted into DPRK at this time, the only other opportunities Americans have had to travel to North Korea have been in 1995, 2002, and 2005 also for Mass Games events, there are the usual added limitations for US tours (3 night stays as a maximum, must fly both ways from Beijing) but it remains the most fascinating chance of your life to visit a truly enigmatic place to see the kind of event that only the North Koreans can pull off, please see tour dates and itineraries on our website


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